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Hello and welcome to our short demonstration questionnaire…

Over the next few pages we aim to give you a flavour of CGR’s approach to Multi-Rater Feedback and to show you some examples taken from questionnaires we have designed for different client companies.  All these examples are “real”, although we have removed clients' logos and other identifying features of the questionnaires.

Since the purpose of the demonstration is to show you how easy it is to distribute, complete and return MRF questionniares on-line the items you will see are in the format we normally use for 3rd party questionnaires – the format for “giving” feedback.  This version is completely anonymous, but we can also send a personal invitation and we we can also tailor the questions to suit the subject’s gender or to read in the first person (“he does; “she does”; or for self-assessment, “I do”).  In fact any aspect of the questionnaire or its presentation can be tailored to your needs…

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